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Goodbye Again, Felicity

In 2002, Felicity left catalogs for a few years to make room for Kaya. In 2011, Felicity and Elizabeth retired. Now, Felicity is gone again.

I noticed that Felicity was labeled 'No Longer Available' a few days ago, but I just wanted to wait and see if it was for real this time, since last time she sold out, AG put her back in stock immediately.

They said this on Facebook today regarding this:

"The Felicity 18-inch doll and accessories are currently sold out, though the Felicity mini doll and the Felicity books are still available for purchase. We will be adding Felicity back to our lineup of archived characters and look forward to the next time we may reintroduce her to fans as we did in 2017."

Well, so long, BeForever Felicity. It was fun having you back for a bit.

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