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Why I Think GOTY 2020 Joss Will Have A Dog

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

As the clock ticks closer to Joss's debut, I've been thinking and theorizing more and more about what she may bring. And thanks to all this thinking... I came to the conclusion that Joss will have a dog in her collection.

Why, you may ask? Well, usually, there's a pattern when it comes to GOTYs and their pets (since most have a pet).

Usually, dolls with similar interests have similar animals. For example, all the dancers have had cats. Marisol had Rascal, Isabelle had Tutu and Gabriela had Maya. Saige and Nicki both were into riding, and surprise! They both had horses.

As you already know, Joss will enjoy surfing in her story. There were two dolls who were interested in water sports: Kailey liked boogie boarding and Kanani was into paddleboarding.

Kailey had a dog named Sandy.

Kanani had a dog named Barksee.

Will Joss have a dog? I think so.

This might be a total coincidence that Kailey and Kanani have dogs as well, but I just like to overthink things when it comes to finding out more about the new Girl of the Year ;)

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