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All About Josefina: Doll of the Month March 2024

Here's Josefina's bio, since she is the Doll of the Month for March 2024 - I decided to keep this post for today since it's her birthday!

Where she lives: Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mexico Her hobbies: Healing, playing with animals

Pet: Goat, Sombrita What changes her life: Her beloved mother dying and her Tia Dolores moving into her rancho What she discovers: You can heal from hardship - and discover your own strength along the way

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Girl of the Year Rumors That Turned Out To Be False

Hey guys! Sorry for the post so late at night - I’m sure most of you guys won’t be seeing this until the morning tomorrow, but I figured I’d post anyway. I was thinking about some of the false rumors


benis froms
benis froms

Location: Josefina resides in the enchanting city of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mexico.

Hobbies: She finds solace in healing and delights in playing with animals.

Pet: Her loyal companion is a goat named Sombrita. Autodesk AEC Collection 2023 sale for advanced engineering solutions.

Life-Changing Events:

The loss of her beloved mother deeply impacts Josefina.

The arrival of her Tia Dolores at her rancho brings significant change.

Discovery: Through hardship, Josefina learns that healing is possible, and within her lies an unyielding strength.


It was perfect to post this on Josefina’s birthday 🎂! I had actually thought you forgotten to post Josefina’s bio yesterday. They should un cube Josefina and others like they did with Kit last year and bring the others from retirement.



a special dotm post! :)

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