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All About Melody: Doll of the Month February 2023

Here's Melody's bio, since she is the Doll of the Month for February 2023!

Where she lives: With her extended family in Detroit, Michigan in 1963 Her hobby: Singing

Pet: A dog named Bo, short for Bojangles Favorite place: The Motown recording studio where his musician brother Dwayne and his group The Three Ravens records Her biggest dream: To become a real musician What changes her life: Being picked to perform her first solo in church What she discovers: Your voice can make a difference in the world

P.S: Either tonight or sometime tomorrow, I'm going to make 2 masterposts about Nicki and Isabel in anticipation for their release on Wednesday! I know I usually make them by now, but I've just been so busy this month between school, my college visit, Disney World and a few secrets... I am still so excited for their release, and can't wait to put these posts out!

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