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All My Dolls in 2016

I was scrolling through my phone when I found an “all my dolls” photo from 2016! It was taken at my old house from when my parents were together, and in this photo, I had 35 dolls. While that might seem like a lot, it’s nothing compared to the 150 I have now…

The dolls in this photo were my Just Like You 16 Ivy, Nicki, Chrissa, Julie, Lanie, Kit, Ruthie, Kanani, JLY 30 Sierra, Caroline, Saige, JLY 59 Sydney, Isabelle, JLY 13 Anna, Kaya, Felicity, Josefina (renamed Opal at the time), JLY 24 Abigail, Grace, JLY 47 Ocean, JLY 44 Summer, Marisol, Addy (renamed Beth at the time), JLY 21 Shelly, Emily, Maryellen, Lindsey, Lea, Molly, JLY 49 April, JLY 60 Jade, Rebecca, Samantha, Melody and Sonali.

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