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All-New American Girl Truly Me Release Part 1: Did They Really Retire The Old Truly Me Dolls?

We've made it to American Girl's new Truly Me launch! Over the next few posts, I will be featuring the new stuff, because there's so much stuff that I can't fit it all in one post.

But first, before we get to the fun, yes, the rumors are true. #87 and #88 are safe, as well as the Street Chic line, but all the other Truly Me dolls have been, yes, retired.

However, the dolls are still on the site if you search for their number, so make sure to search any numbers of any doll you may want!

The good news? A lot of previous Truly Me dolls aren't expensive on eBay, and a few of the now-retired dolls are on eBay. The bad news? The prices might rise in a bit.

Rest in peace, old Truly Me line...

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