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All-New American Girl Truly Me Release Part 2: New Furniture (Including Dollhouse!!!)

Not only did the new Truly Me items release today, but four furniture sets released today, including... a new dollhouse. Yes, I said that right. Dollhouse. I never thought it would happen, and now that it happened, I'm honestly in shock... in a good way!

American Girl released three companion accessory sets to the dollhouse, which I will feature first before getting to the dollhouse at the end of this post:

American Girl Grill and Games Set- $90

American Girl Living Room Set- $90 (hey, my theory of one coming was true!)

American Girl x Kidcraft Custom Closet for Dolls- $298

American Girl X Kidcraft Luxury Dollhouse- $598

(Fun fact: The dollhouse isn't the most expensive American Girl item! Joss's Surf Bus in 2020 was $650.)

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umm I'm watching game day and i just saw a grill that look just like the AG grill?

Sep 24, 2022
Replying to



I think the sofa and tv are recycled too! So both of the furniture sets - we have seen before.

Don't like painted on walls with no room for AG furniture. It's a pass. As far as most expensive - so they divided it into sets - the total is over $1,000 if you get the house, closet and accessory furniture.


Sep 09, 2022

Feels like it’s just pink and blue. Matel, Keep Barbie out of the American Girl Doll House.

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