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All-New American Girl Truly Me Release Part 3: New Meet Outfits

Up until now, most of the Truly Me dolls have came in the same meet outfit. However, all 25 new Truly Me dolls come in 6 new outfits, with accessory packs sold separately.

Here are the outfits and the list of dolls they come on:

Show Your Artsy Side Outfit and Accessories- Tie-dye dress, pink sandal boots, denim jacket, canvas bag, headband


-Truly Me 105 (pictured)

-Truly Me 106

-Truly Me 108

-Truly Me 115

-Truly Me 116

Show Your Sweet Side Outfit and Accessories- floral-print dress, pink sandals, zebra-print leggings, pink bag, tan hat


-Truly Me 101 (pictured)

-Truly Me 109

-Truly Me 117

-Truly Me 118

-Truly Me 124

Show Your Sporty Side Outfit and Accessories (girl version)- purple activewear dress, multicolored sneakers, black and yellow joggers, pink smartwatch, white hat


-Truly Me 102 (pictured)

-Truly Me 110

-Truly Me 114

-Truly Me 121

Boy Meet Outfit- gray t shirt, green shorts, multicolored sneakers


-Truly Me 104 (pictured)

-Truly Me 113

Show Your Strong Side Outfit and Accessories- camo dress, white boots, black jacket, black sunglasses, yellow beanie


-Truly Me 103

-Truly Me 107 (pictured)

-Truly Me 111

-Truly Me 120

-Truly Me 123

Show Your Wild Side Outfit and Accessories- black graphic dress, blue high-tops, rainbow skirt, pink sunglasses, pink headband


-Truly Me 100

-Truly Me 112

-Truly Me 119

-Truly Me 122

I'll admit, it's 3 am when I'm posting this, and I'm so tired. But I still have to post all 25 new Truly Me dolls... wish me luck!

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