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All The American Girl Dolls I Got For Christmas!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates! As some of you may know, this is my last Christmas as a grade school student, and next year I'll be in college. So to commemorate that, my family all pitched in to... buy me all the American Girl dolls that I was missing in my collection so I could have a complete collection again.

I was so shocked, and when I realized what they pulled off, I cried tears of joy! I am so lucky and privileged to welcome all of these new dolls into my home, and I'm honestly tearing up as I write this post.

American Girl has been such a huge part of my life for ten years now, and I've been running this blog for almost nine years. That's longer than the target age range for American Girl dolls have even been alive! While I am a little sad I won't be able to see my dolls as much once I go to college next year, I will forever and always keep my love for AG in my heart, and today was just a reminder of that.

Enough sentimental stuff. Time for me to show you my dolls!

Ruby (#100)

Sophie (#101)

Kylie (#102)

Jamie (#103)

Jane (#106)

Bryce (#104)

Maxine (#112)

Nathalie (Sapphire Splendor)

Usagi (#110)

Maggie (#109)

Viola (#123)

Nox (#111)

Kai (#124)

Elle (#107)

Starr (#122)

Dylan (#121)

Keith (#113)

Liz (#116)

Tiffany (#120)

Carol (#115)

Do you guys like my new dolls?

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