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American Girl 25% Off Spring Sale

Items are now up to 25% off in American Girl's spring sale!

Here's the list of the items for sale:

-Bunk Bed and Bedding

-Blaire's Party Decor

-Xbox Gaming Set

-Star Power Shorts

-Fiercely You Top

-Resilient Striped Leggings and Sweatpants

-Powerful Knit Sneakers

-So Strong Accessories

-Ready Set Sandals

-Full-Strength Ruffled Shorts

-Feeling Fierce Print Jacket

-Be Strong Long Tank

-Feeling Strong Terry Sweatshirt

-Swim Goggles for Dolls

-Blaire's Restaurant Accessories

-Star Power Dress

-Game Night Set

-Cool Expressions Earring Set

-Dark Blue Glasses

-Pizza Party Set

-Bright Red Sunglasses

-Nanea's Family Market

-Cool Expressions Shoes

-3 in 1 Game Night Table

-Blaire Cooks Up A Plan


-Luciana: Braving the Deep

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