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American Girl 80's Historical Courtney Moore Information

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

More information is coming out about Courtney, the 80's historical character set to debut this October! Here is all the news (that I can share):

  • Courtney will arrive in a blue crop top with a graphic print, denim gray shorts and hot pink leggings.

  • Courtney has the Classic mold, caramel long curly hair with side bangs and blue eyes.

  • Courtney's first book is called 'Courtney Changes the Game'.

  • Courtney is interested in arcade gaming and is probably a geek.

  • She is from 1986- the year American Girl released their first doll.

This is so exciting! She's exactly how I imagined her- all I need is for her to be into heavy metal and then I'm good! Just kidding. I doubt AG would do that. My Courtney will love it, though.

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