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American Girl 9-Inch Doll Possibilities

American Girl has sent out a survey asking customers if they would purchase 3 kinds of 9-inch dolls. 9-inch dolls are bigger than mini-dolls but smaller than Bitty Babies and WellieWishers. If I'm not mistaken, the Girls of Many Lands line of dolls was 9 inches tall. Here are the possibilities:

-9-inch dolls based on famous young women such as Gabby Douglas, Selena Gomez, and Greta Thunberg

-9-inch dolls based on zodiacs and birthstones

-9-inch dolls that are teenage versions of Historical Characters

I don't really like any of the ideas. I like to imagine teenage Historicals, and having a story set in stone for them during that age period would ruin the imaginations of AG fans everywhere. Birthstones seem generic, and Barbie has a line of dolls based on famous women, so that line would feel like Barbie. What do you think?

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