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American Girl® and Disney Reveal First Wave of Enchanting New Doll Collection

Building on the success of last year’s Disney | American Girl Disney Princess Collector Doll series, the first wave of a new core collection revealed today, features beloved characters Disney’s Ariel, Tiana, and Cinderella. Each princess character is represented with a beautifully crafted 18-inch doll and an authentically designed signature dress, with plenty of fashion extras. The collection also includes additional highly detailed outfits and several special accessories to further expand the storytelling and play.

“Fandom for American Girl and Disney runs deep, and a collaboration has long been asked for by our mutual fans,” says Jamie Cygielman, General Manager of American Girl. “Now, we’re making dreams come true with a magical collection of timeless characters that will captivate our fans and send their imaginations soaring.”

“The launch of the initial three collector dolls last summer was very popular and demonstrated the desire from our fans for more of this iconic collaboration between Disney and American Girl,” said Rob Michaelis, VP, North America Brand Commercialization, Hardlines & Consumables for Disney. “The talented teams at American Girl and Disney are so proud of the incredible details in this new expanded line of Disney Princess inspired dolls which provide an authentic representation of Disney’s beloved characters.”

The new Disney and American Girl collection features beloved characters, with the following fan favorites first to join the magical lineup:

The Disney and American Girl collection is available now at and American Girl retail stores nationwide.

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They got this collab spot on. I love that they have whole separate collections to add on. We will definitely be adding Tiana to our collection because she is the Claudie mold and is a little different as far as eyes. I feel like they should have used a different mold for Cinderella, and don't feel the need to add another Josefina mold. I love that Ariel is the Nanea mold, but her hair is a little too fake red to fit into our collection, and I don't like her "meet" outfit as much - not a fan of mermaid dresses, but I do understand why they chose that one, and that's actually better for me since we could pick…


They must have Tinker Bell!!!!

Replying to

If they do Tinker Bell they could get the classic or Joss mold for her doll.


Because of the success of the collector Disney dolls this is a new line. It would also be great if they also do Tinker Bell, Alice in Wonderland, Giselle from Enchanted and it’s sequel, Megara, and Jane Porter. But I think the next line would consist of Aurora, Snow White, and Mulan.

Replying to

Esmeralda too. I hope they come out with those. I'd buy them all

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