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American Girl April Release Part 1: Stuffed Animals for Girls

In their new release today, American Girl released some, um, interesting items. While they released a bunch of new pets for the Truly Me line, they also released a line of matching girl-sized stuffed animals made from sustainable materials. Each stuffed animal costs $40, which to be honest, is overpriced for something you could get for $5 at CVS. $15 would be a fairer price- $5 extra for the eco-friendly materials, $5 extra for the AG brand name- but $40 is just blowing it out of proportion. Anyways, these are the stuffed animals!

(Yes, Coconut is back. More on that later!)

More from the release will be posted later! I'm at school and didn't get to blog this morning (I was too busy tending to my viral TikTok with 70,000 views...), but I will hopefully finish releaseposting by tonight!

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