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American Girl Audiobooks Are Now Available!

American Girl audiobooks are now available on Amazon, Google and other audiobook platforms! Here is a list of the audiobooks:


Corinne to the Rescue

-Courtney Changes the Game

-Courtney: Friendship Superhero

-Evette: The River and Me

-Guy Stuff: Feelings

-Guy Stuff: The Body Book for Boys

-Happy Holidays! Golden Book

-Happy Birthday! Golden Book

-Josefina: Sunlight and Shadows

-Josefina: Second Chances


-Joss: Touch The Sky

-Kaya Rides to the Rescue: Step into Reading

-Kira Down Under

-Kira's Animal Rescue

-Makena: See Me, Hear Me, Know Me

-Making A Difference: Golden Book

-Maritza: Lead With Your Heart

-Maryellen: The One And Only

-Maryellen: Taking Off

-Melody Lifts Her Voice: Step into Reading

-Melody: No Ordinary Sound

-Melody: Never Stop Singing

-Molly's Christmas Surprise: Step into Reading

-Nanea: The Spirit of Aloha

-Nanea: Hula For The Home Front

-Samantha Helps A Friend: Step into Reading

-Samantha: The Gift

-Samantha: Lost and Found

-The Care And Keeping of You

-The Care And Keeping of You 2

-The Feelings Book

-Time For School! Golden Book

-WellieWishers: Ashlyn's Unsurprise Party

-WellieWishers: Camille's Mermaid Tale

-WellieWishers: Emerson and Princess Peep

-WellieWishers: Teamwork Magic

-WellieWishers: The Clippity-Cloppity Carnival

-WellieWishers: The Muddily-Puddily Show

-WellieWishers: The Princesses and the Dragon

-WellieWishers: The Rainstorm Brainstorm

-WellieWishers: The Riddle of the Robin

-WellieWishers: Willa's Wilderness Campout

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