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American Girl Black Friday Sale is Here!

The American Girl Black Friday sale came early this year! It was reported to start on Thanksgiving, but it started two days earlier than expected.

Unfortunately, as all of you AGDN readers speculated in the comments yesterday, this sale DOES exclude 18-inch dolls. Oof.

If you forgot what the sales are, they're $15 off $100+, $25 off $150+, $40 off $200+, and $60 off $300+ or more.

I'll have the list of doorbusters on here once I'm done with my schoolwork!

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1 Comment

Nov 23, 2021

While the discount may not apply to 18" dolls, they DO seem to apply to the doll BUNDLES that are available online! I have a brand-new TM 22 coming my way!

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