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American Girl Collab Update - Trolls: Band Together In Theaters Now

An update on the collab American Girl did with the new Trolls movie, Trolls: Band Together - the movie is out in theaters today!

Are you going to see it? Yes, I'm going to the movies tonight, but personally, I'm not seeing Trolls... I'm seeing the other movie that came out today. *screams in Hunger Games*

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I'm too young for Screams in Hunger Games. I will go see Trolls sometime this week.

I will also see Wish.

Nov 18, 2023
Replying to

Wish is probably the most interesting Disney animated film in recent years because it gives you a strong sense of the classic Disney movies. There is going to be tons of Easter eggs from previous Disney movies because of the 100th anniversary. I suspect Asha will join the Disney Princesses 👸🏾

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