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American Girl Contemporary Character Line REVIVAL?

Updated: Oct 31, 2020

That’s right! THAT’S RIGHT! In today’s thing to check off the 2020 Bingo Card, American Girl announced they are reviving the Contemporary Character line in order to bring more diversity for the American Girl line! In a reply to a tweet about Courtney, American Girl said this:

We’re pleased to share that we’re currently developing a new line that includes a contemporary lead Black character, as well as other contemporary characters of color, to debut in late fall 2021.”

How exciting! I love how AG is doing this to ensure more diversity for the dolls. However, I hope that they do a doll with autism soon, since they haven’t done a neurodiverse doll yet. Also, making more Girls of the Year and Historical Characters of color and from different walks of life is important, too!

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