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American Girl Corinne Movie: Miya Cech Interview

Miya Cech, who is going to be playing Corinne in her movie, was interviewed by Gen Z news site SweetyHigh for her new Apple TV+ series Surfside Girls, but she also got to talk a bit about Corinne's movie!

Miya said, "I have a film coming out in December, I was the 2022 Girl of the Year, Corinne Tan, for American Girl. Not only was I in it, but my little sister (Kai Cech) was in it, and we were playing sisters. It's the first American Girl movie for a Girl of the Year in five years!" (Correction: actually six! Lea to the Rescue released in 2016, 6 years ago)

It's nice to see how excited Miya is about this movie!

P.S: If you're into film like me, you'll probably get excited. For most of you, this is meaningless. Last night, Miya and Kai were recording ADR (voiceovers) for the movie! WAHOO IT'S HAPPENING!

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