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American Girl Costco Sparkling Ballerina Dolls Now Available Online

Did you not get the chance to purchase an American Girl Truly Me Sparkling Ballerina from Costco last holiday season? My Costco didn't have them in stock, so I lost all hope of getting one at a price that wasn't a crazy eBay price. But American Girl just put all 4 types of Sparkling Ballerina dolls, including the unique blonde doll, on their site for $150 each! (With AG's current $20 off $100 discount, this would be $130!) They also put the Smores Camping Set online for $80.

These dolls aren't available in stores, so you'll have to order them online. I checked store availability to see if I could pick the blonde doll up when I go on my weekly AGP trip tomorrow morning, but she's not there. But I'm ordering her once I'm home from school today! I'm so excited, but I have no clue what to name her! Does anyone have any ideas?

P.S: The new Smart Girl's Guides are now on the site, so we didn't get anything new for the 18 inch dolls. This is sad. Alexa, play Heartbreak Station.

P.P.S: Sorry I didn't get to this earlier. I didn't think to check AG's site today because of my excitement over the investor meeting! I have my AirPods connected to my school computer, a page sacrificed from my English binder and the meeting on another tab. All set to blog about any AG-related announcements Mattel might make!

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