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American Girl Create Your Own: Sailor Moon Style!

If you've been following this blog for a while, you know I love anime, and Sailor Moon is one of my favorite anime. I also love Miraculous, but I have quite a few custom dolls of the characters. I don't have any Sailor Moon dolls, I was bored on the Create Your Own generator, and I did not want to watch Romeo and Juliet in class. So I made some Sailor Moon dolls and T shirts on the Create Your Own generator!

This doll is Usagi Tsukino, or Sailor Moon. For those of you who don't watch the show, I'll tell you a little bit about the characters so you'll have an idea of what each doll's personality is. Usagi doesn't seem like much at first: her hobbies are sleeping and eating, and she's always late for school. But she has a big heart and is loyal to her friends (and her cat Luna), which gives her the spirit to fight against evil. I made Usagi with the Josefina mold, light skin, blond hair in the long, straight wig with bangs and pigtails, blue eyes and the Let's Smile outfit.

This doll is Ami Mizuno, or Sailor Mercury. Ami is pretty smart: she has a 300 IQ. She likes reading and studying and even goes to another school after her normal school called a 'cram school' (this thing only exist in Japan). But she also likes swimming and chess. In the anime, Ami had blue hair, but AG didn't have that (of course). The North American Ami dolls had black hair, so I just went with that. I also made her with the bob wig, blue eyes, the Classic mold, the second Let's Explore outfit and glasses, since she wore them in a few episodes of the fourth season, SuperS.

This doll is Rei Hino, or Sailor Mars. Rei works as a maiden at her grandfather's shrine, which is a Shinto* building for the safekeeping of secured objects. She's also a psychic, likes singing a bit, and sometimes argues with Usagi, but takes her work as Sailor Mars seriously. I made Rei with the Josefina mold, black hair in the long, straight wig with bangs, brown eyes, light skin and the new Let's Create outfit.

This doll is Makoto Kino, or Sailor Jupiter. Makoto, or Mako for short, seems pretty tough on the outside. She's rumored to have been expelled from a school for fighting, and she is strong and tall, but she also loves gardening, cooking and hanging with her friends... not to mention crushing on boys. I made Makoto with the Josefina mold, brown hair in the long, straight wig with bangs and a ponytail, green eyes, light skin and the first Let's Explore outfit.

This doll is Minako Aino, or Sailor Venus (my personal favorite). Minako is pretty ditzy, falls in love easily and dreams of being a star, but she's probably the most committed to her duty. She was fighting crime before everyone else as Sailor V (click here to see the webseries I made of her Sailor V days!), and like Usagi, has a pet cat named Artemis. I made Minako with the Classic mold, blond hair in the medium straight wig with bangs, blue eyes, light skin and the Let's Celebrate outfit.

I made shirts representing the other characters, since time was running out in class.

This is a "Best Friends" shirt with Chibiusa (Sailor Chibi Moon) and Hotaru (Sailor Saturn)'s names on them.

This shirt represents Haruka (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru (Sailor Neptune). It was inspired by one of their theme songs, Eternal Eternity.

This shirt, obviously, represents Setsuna, or Sailor Pluto... because Pluto is STILL A PLANET, no matter what the Internet might say.

In their civilian disguises, the Sailor Starlights from the last season of Sailor Moon (Seiya, Yaten and Taiki) are a band called Three Lights. They inspired this tour dress!

It was fun playing on the Create Your Own maker and combining another one of my interests with American Girl dolls! If I do this again, what fandom should I do?

*One of Japan's 2 major religions.

P.S: I know the hits are coming in, and I know you guys want Joss content. More Joss stuff will come as soon as I can post it!

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