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American Girl Doll Identification eBay Fails

For the past year or two, I've been getting emails from people who want me to identify their American Girl dolls every day. I was annoyed at eBay people not identifying their dolls correctly, so I published my email on the site in hopes of remedying this problem. It's been a big success, but it didn't bring an end to AG ID eBay fails. Here's some Doll Fails, but this time the fails aren't the dolls themselves... it's the mistaken identities of them.

We're starting this off with a classic mistake... calling a Kit doll a 'Just Like Me'. First of all, they were called Just Like You from 2006 to 2010. And second, Kit is NOT A 'Just Like You' doll at all, despite her being in modern clothes.

This second ID fail is this Kanani labeled as Felicity. Sure, Kanani is in Felicity's Traveling Gown, her meet outfit from 2005 to 2011. But this isn't Felicity- this is Kanani! (Kudos to the seller for keeping Kanani's hair from turning into a disaster, though. I still need to send mine to the hospital.)

This next fail is a common mistake- a Just Like You 16 labeled as Samantha. Samantha has decal brown eyes, while Just Like You 16 has the regular brown that debuted on Addy. I always get emails of Just Like You 16s with people asking "is this Samantha?". (If I got a dollar every time that happened, I'd probably have enough to buy an AG outfit.)

This next fail is a doll the seller claims to be Saige... but in reality, it's a Just Like You #23 with messed up hair. I know the hair could make it troublesome to identify the doll, but Saige has a unique turquoise color, and Just Like You #23 has light blue eyes.

This next fail is a fail as soon as you read the title: "Pleasant Company Isabelle". The concept of a Pleasant Company Isabelle is an oxymoron because Isabelle was released in 2014, years after Pleasant Company was bought out by Mattel and became American Girl. I remember Isabelle's release. Pleasant Company was called American Girl since before I was born. She's actually Kailey. If you want a $75 Kailey, this is your lucky day.

The last fail isn't an eBay fail... it's a personal fail! I might be American Girl knowledge royalty now, but seven years ago, that wasn't the case. I thought my sister's Nicki doll was Rebecca for a month or two, but wasn't sure about her, so I just kept on calling her Rebecca. My sister didn't remember who she was either, so I wasn't corrected. One day, I went on the American Girl archives and discovered not only the existence of every Girl of the Year before Chrissa, but that my doll wasn't Rebecca... it was Nicki! I then read about Nicki, and all the retired GOTYs, and then all the retired outfits... and the rest is history.

If you're selling an AG doll on eBay and want to avoid an ID fail like these, click here to find out more about my free doll identification service. Otherwise, leave a comment below about any doll identification mishaps you've found yourself in!

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