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American Girl Doll New Release School and Music Items

Every few years or so, American Girl tends to release school items in their summer release. Well, this year is one of those years! AGOverseasfan has posted yet another video showing these new school and music items off:

The first item is the Art Class Set. It features a color-changing canvas and vase.

The next item is the Student Council Election Set. It features a megaphone that can record your voice and play it back.

The next item is the Student Council Election Outfit. (Or the Student Council Fashion Disaster, in my opinion.)

This is the Be Creative Outfit.

This is the Make Some Music Outfit.

The outfit came with a booklet that featured a drum set and keyboard set.

The WellieWishers also got to join in on the school item trend. This is the Smart as a Fox School Outfit.

This is the Ready to Learn Backpack & Lunch Set.

This is the Colorful ABCs Outfit.

Lastly, this is the Ready to Learn Desk Set.

Which is your favorite item from this sneak peek video of the release?

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