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American Girl Doll of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey Theories (GOTY 2021)

We're halfway through 2020! If we can survive the rest of the year, that means we're six months away from the launch of Kira Bailey, American Girl's 2021 Girl of the Year.

Sadly, we don't know much about Kira except for her name. More information will come in a few months, but in the meantime, I thought it would be fun to study patterns in the GOTY release cycle and come to a conclusion about what Kira may be like. I came to a conclusion about Joss being related to the Olympics based on a pattern all the way back in late 2018 (and she was, because surfing will be introduced in 2021), so it's not too early to think of what she may be like!

To start, I thought of year patterns that 2021 falls into (like odd numbered years) and made a list of all the Girl of the Years that each year correlates with. Once I had my lists, my brain cells started working hard and then, conclusions were made!

The first list of Girl of the Years I made was the ones from odd numbered years. To narrow it down, I made the list Kira and the last four Girl of the Years from odd numbered years- Blaire, Gabriela, Grace and Saige.

The first conclusion I made is that those four dolls are creative-type Girl of the Years. All of them excel at making some sort of art- for Blaire and Grace, it's baking, for Saige, it's painting, and for Gabriela, it's poetry and dance, though she is an artist too. If the pattern continues on, Kira will be a creative-type Girl of the Year. She could be into art, music, cooking, dancing, filmmaking- anything in that kind of vein.

The second list is dolls from every three years. Again, I narrowed it down to the last four- Luciana, Grace, McKenna and Chrissa.

My conclusion for Kira based on these dolls? She will most likely have the Josefina mold, since all of them listed above have it. In addition, there is a chance that she will have blue eyes, since the majority of the dolls listed have blue eyes, including Grace and Chrissa, who are six years apart from each other. Grace is also six years apart from Kira. A pattern discovery within another one... nice. Brown hair would be a possibility since Grace and Chrissa both have brown hair, however this seems unlikely considering Joss is white brunette and Girl of the Years never have the same hair color one after another unless they are of a different ethnicity, and the post AG made about developing more dolls of color makes it seem like Kira's white.

The third list is dolls from every four years. The dolls in this pattern are Gabriela, Saige, Chrissa and Marisol.

This list affirms my creative-type GOTY theory, as well as adds a chance that Kira will have wavy or curly hair since all of these dolls but Chrissa had wavy/curly hair.

The last list is dolls from every five years- Lea, Kanani and Jess are included in this pattern. All three of these dolls lived in or visited some tropical destination, and Lea and Jess were both involved in some sort of adventure. Based on this, Kira will live or visit somewhere tropical and could get into an adventure there.

Before I go onto the CYO generator and try to come up with my guess on what Kira will look like, there's one more thing I thought of. Lately, Girls of the Year have been sort of similar to dolls from about ten years ago. Here are some examples:

  • Joss and Chrissa have an eleven year gap. Joss likes surfing, and Chrissa likes swimming.

  • Blaire and Nicki have a twelve year gap. Nicki lives on a ranch, and Blaire lives on a farm.

  • Luciana and Lanie have a eight year gap. Lanie wants to be a scientist, Luciana wants to be an astronaut.

  • Gabriela and Marisol have a twelve year gap. They are both interested in dancing.

  • Lea and Jess have a ten year gap. They both explore a tropical South American country.

It seems likely that Kira will either bring some Kanani or Saige vibes. Based on the patterns, Kira will be adventurous and creative, both attributes that Kanani and Saige have. An interest in animals is also likely, considering Kanani saved a monk seal and Saige rode horses.

Now, here's my guess on what Kira will be like:

Based on the patterns, I gave Kira the Josefina mold, light skin, blue eyes and wavy hair. I gave her the darker shade of blond hair because Joss is a brunette and Blaire's a redhead. She is interested in some form of creative expression- writing and drawing would be cool- and is an activist for animals after visiting them or getting a pet.

What do you guys think of this theory?

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