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American Girl Fashion Show Dolls Designed by Carly Cushnie

In honor of today's American Girl Fashion Show livestream at the New York City store, where the World By Us reveal will be held, American Girl has opened bidding up for six American Girl dolls, one of each of the originals, in an one-of-a-kind outfit designed and signed by fashion designer Carly Cushnie. Carly chose the charity Girls Who Code to donate all the profits to.

Carly was inspired by aspects of each doll's stories and she designed modernized outfits for each of them.

Josefina's outfit was inspired by her traditional, 1824 outfit.

Addy's outfit was inspired by her original meet outfit and is a reflection of her life in freedom.

Kirsten's outfit was inspired by her Swedish heritage and "pioneer spirit".

Felicity's outfit was inspired by her "independent streak" and love of nature.

Samantha's outfit was inspired by her "kind heart", "generous nature" and "rebellious streak" and her sense of fun.

Molly's outfit was inspired by her home-front life during World War II and love of performance, especially tap dancing.

Despite American Girl not advertising this yet, the bids are through the roof already! Kirsten's at $680, Molly's at $510, Felicity's at $410, Josefina's at $510, Addy's at $622 and Samantha's at a whopping $1,025. Once the bidding finishes in 2 days and 6 hours, I will update with the final bids!

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