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American Girl Finally Makes The Toy Hall of Fame!

For as long as I've been running this blog, American Girl's been nominated for the Toy Hall of Fame every single year. And every single year, American Girl loses to something else. I remember last year American Girl lost to sidewalk chalk.

This year, however, was different.

Today, American Girl finally made it to the Toy Hall of Fame, along with the game Risk and sand.

This is such a big deal that Pleasant Rowland- yes, the Pleasant Rowland who created the American Girl doll- made a rare statement to the press. She called the addition of American Girl to the Toy Hall of Fame an "incredible honor" and said, “I’m so proud of the American Girl family—past and present—who have been faithful stewards of this brand for more than three decades, helping to capture the hearts of an entire generation of girls."

I'm so happy for everyone at American Girl!

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