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American Girl Flash Sale Item List

Here is American Girl's early Black Friday flash sale item list!

-Joss's Wetsuit

-Fresh Lemons Market Outfit

-Sparkling Sequins Kimono

-Summer Fun Swimsuit Set

-Game Night Set

-Cool Expressions Shoes

-Leopard Pet Bed

-Luciana's PJs

-3-in-1 Game Night Table

-Xbox Gaming Set

-Cool Colors Outfit

-Explore the Outdoors Outfit

-Shooting Star Basketball Outfit

-AG Star and Snow Dress (new! there's a picture of it at the end of this post)

-A Smart Girl's Guide: Understanding Families

-Doll Outdoors

-Doll Farm and Feast

-Hugs and Well Wishes Outfit for WellieWishers

-Hugs and Healing Set

-Reimagined Artist Set

-Set The Stage Play Set

-Carrot's Hutch Accessories

-Butterfly Beats Keyboard

-Fox and Composting Can

-Ringmaster Outfit

-Gopher and Watering Can

-Fun and Games Set

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