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American Girl Flash Summer Sale: Up To 20% This Weekend

I have extremely bad luck with American Girl's big sales. The weekend I'm about to leave for Disney World for a week... American Girl's having a flash summer sale with up to 20% off in savings for select items. But even though I can't enjoy the sale, I hope you all enjoy it!

Here's the list of items:

American Girl RC Sports Car- $180

Maryellen's Seaside Diner Bakery Case- $81

Maryellen's Seaside Diner- $298

The Community Center Accessories

American Girl Coffee Shop- $224

Courtney's Bedroom Set- $180

American Girl Air Lines- $220

Room for Two Trundle Bed- $128

Day at AG Cafe Set- $144

Courtney's TV and Fitness Accessories

American Girl Kitchen- $234

Melody's Upright Piano- $120

Julie's Groovy Bathroom- $156

WellieWishers Playhouse- $200

American Girl Mini Mystery Pack- $7

S'more Fun Camping Set- $64

Rebecca's Bed and Bedding- $120

Melody's Recording Studio- $200

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