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American Girl Gift Sellouts

Many things at American Girl have been selling out this year: here's a list of items that have recently sold out that I haven't reported on!

  • Something Navy Crimson Sparkle Sweater Dress

  • Holiday Wish List PJs for WellieWishers

  • Frosty Faux-Fur Shrug

  • Tis The Sequin Accessory Set

  • Holiday Sequin Skirt

  • American Girl Advent Calendar

  • Ballet Costume 1999 Encore

  • Trolls Rainbow Stripe Sleeping Bag Set

  • Frosty Fun Outfit for WellieWishers

  • Glitter Meets Gold Sandals

  • Perfectly Pink Trench

  • Kit's Birthday Outfit

  • Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Tote

  • Pretty Prism Cardigan

  • Sparkly Party Skirt

  • Colorful Confetti Skirt

  • Bows on the Toes Sandals

  • Rainbow Glitter Shoes

  • Mighty Blue Cheerleader Outfit

  • Rah-Rah Red Cheerleader Outfit

  • American Girl Air Lines Flight Attendant Uniform

  • Kira's Accessories

  • Rainbow Unicorn Headband

  • Seize the ZZs PJs

  • Make Some Music Outfit

  • Student Council Election Outfit

  • Julie's Home Game Uniform

  • Kaya's Trading Outfit

  • Samantha's Accessories

  • Garden Party Cardigan

  • Rosy Ruffles Billie Skirt

  • Garden Party Dress

  • Feeling Strong Terry Sweatshirt

  • American Girl Living Room

  • American Girl Kitchen

  • Kit's School Lunch

  • Uno American Girl Card Game

  • Love to Travel Seat for Dolls

  • Explore More Luggage Set

  • American Girl + Xbox Gaming Set

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Sofa Blum
Sofa Blum
27 ene

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Me gusta

13 dic 2023

Hey, everyone. I just spoke with customer service. They told me that the reason Kaya is on backorder is because of the manufacturing and production and lack of supplies. She also told me that Lila is truly a best seller, which is why she had been backordered. She also said that while there has been dolls with a star on their foot, it is not the reason they would stop production of a doll.

Me gusta

12 dic 2023

I’m surprised some of Kit’s stuff got sold out within the year.

Me gusta

Did you see that Kaya is on backorder until July 19th. I am worried that she'll get cubed because a lot of her stuff is selling out or on limited quantity.

Me gusta
12 dic 2023
Contestando a

Actually I think it is possible they could be cubing her. I hope not. 🤞 But you do have a point. They could be adding the stars to her doll. Like how they did with Julie. But American girl doesn’t pay much attention to Kaya. Unlike with Julie whom they are giving a journal and mystery comic book. I don’t know how many dolls have the star or if Lila had a star but I think they could eventually be putting the stars on all the dolls including Samantha Rebecca Lila and Maryellen.

Me gusta
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