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American Girl Gift Sellouts

Many things at American Girl have been selling out this year: here's a list of items that have recently sold out that I haven't reported on!

  • Something Navy Crimson Sparkle Sweater Dress

  • Holiday Wish List PJs for WellieWishers

  • Frosty Faux-Fur Shrug

  • Tis The Sequin Accessory Set

  • Holiday Sequin Skirt

  • American Girl Advent Calendar

  • Ballet Costume 1999 Encore

  • Trolls Rainbow Stripe Sleeping Bag Set

  • Frosty Fun Outfit for WellieWishers

  • Glitter Meets Gold Sandals

  • Perfectly Pink Trench

  • Kit's Birthday Outfit

  • Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream Tote

  • Pretty Prism Cardigan

  • Sparkly Party Skirt

  • Colorful Confetti Skirt

  • Bows on the Toes Sandals

  • Rainbow Glitter Shoes

  • Mighty Blue Cheerleader Outfit

  • Rah-Rah Red Cheerleader Outfit

  • American Girl Air Lines Flight Attendant Uniform

  • Kira's Accessories

  • Rainbow Unicorn Headband

  • Seize the ZZs PJs

  • Make Some Music Outfit

  • Student Council Election Outfit

  • Julie's Home Game Uniform

  • Kaya's Trading Outfit

  • Samantha's Accessories

  • Garden Party Cardigan

  • Rosy Ruffles Billie Skirt

  • Garden Party Dress

  • Feeling Strong Terry Sweatshirt

  • American Girl Living Room

  • American Girl Kitchen

  • Kit's School Lunch

  • Uno American Girl Card Game

  • Love to Travel Seat for Dolls

  • Explore More Luggage Set

  • American Girl + Xbox Gaming Set

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