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American Girl Headquarters Relocating

The American Girl headquarters and distribution center will be relocating in mid-summer 2022.

AG will move out of their current space in Middleton, 8440 Fairway Place, to another location within Dane County, Wisconsin. By June, AG’s distribution center will also merge with other Mattel facilities in Pennsylvania and California.

During the pandemic, American Girl has embraced teleworking, as they have shifted to a fully-remote call center and a hybrid corporate office. They also decided to consolidate the distribution center to make delivering packages more efficient to other areas of the US.

While this is a bit bittersweet considering I visited AG’s headquarters back in 2017, I’m excited to see the new headquarters! I hope to visit eventually once the pandemic is over. I’m hoping I can go next year when I graduate high school!

Here’s a picture of me at the soon-to-be-former headquarters. I look a little young because I was 12 back then. Today I turned 17!

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