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American Girl Historical Books Banned in Florida Schools

Welp, here's a headline I thought I'd never have to type a year or two ago. In Florida, there's been an insane crackdown on books available in school and classroom libraries. It all started with a ban on LGBTQ+ discussions in schools, then it devolved into a ban on AP African American studies, and now, a lot of books dealing with historical and social issues are being banned from Florida schools. These, according to sources from teachers on Twitter and TikTok, include the American Girl historical series with the exception of Felicity and Molly.

These bans run the gamult from discussions of slavery in Addy's books to even discussions of anti-Italian xenephobia and polio in Maryellen's books. Yeah... it's bad.

I don't really like to talk politics on here unless it involves AG or human rights on behalf of marginalized communities, but this isn't politics. This is censorship. Outside of AG, I'm a dystopian screenwriter, and this is really giving off major dystopian vibes. But it's not contained to any screenplay- it's in reality. I am sending all my love to Floridian students affected by this governor's abysmal decisions that are only fueled by hate and fear, and I hope that you guys will be able to fight this awful change.

To quote the Melody movie, "Fear brings out the worst in us. But love brings out the best."

And if you are 18 or over, please, don't vote for Ron DeSantis in 2024 if he chooses to run for higher office. We cannot risk losing AG books- or any books- anywhere else in this country.

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