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American Girl Holiday Release Catalog

American Girl's holiday release catalog is now available on their site! Here's a peek at the new items:

Melody's Doo-Wop Dress-Up Outfit: $48

Julie's Birthday Outfit: $36

Julie's Birthday Gifts: $48

Snow Pretty Top: $10

Soft and Sweet Leggings Set: $16

Sparkle Bright Boots: $16

Sparkle Bright Beret: $10

Snow Pretty Accessories: $16

Snow Fancy Skirt: $16

Soft as Snow Coat: $18

Sparkly Silver Flats: $10

Soft as Snow Dress: $16

Snow Soft and Sparkly Outfit: $36

AG RC Sports Car- Pink- $275

Reindeer Robes for Dolls and Girls: $50

Peace, Love and Joy Pajamas: $25

The Elf on the Shelf Girl Set: $35?

Yog-Ahh Outfit: $34

All That Glitters Dress: $36

Festive Formal Dress: $36

American Girl Sugar Plum Fairy Collector Doll: $250 (or, Literally Truly Me 86)

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