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American Girl Isabel and Nicki GMA Reveal

I missed the GMA reveal of Isabel and Nicki, but luckily, The American Girl Addiction on YouTube recorded the action- a fashion show with models representingevery historical doll from the 1900s, starting with Samantha, and then going with Rebecca, Claudie, Kit, Nanea, Maryellen, Melody, Julie, Courtney... and then, Isabel and Nicki!

This was so cute! I love how they got to represent all of the historical dolls from the 20th century in the reveal- Claudie finally got her moment in the spotlight after her botched CBS reveal, and Courtney finally was the center of attention after her NBC reveal was overshadowed by the Go-Gos. And of course, Isabel and Nicki joining the others was so cute!

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that's so neat! interesting how kit and sam are in their original outfits while julie isn't! (and that molly was missing but she was probably checking out the show from backstage...) ;)

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