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American Girl Isabel and Nicki Hoffman Fun Facts

I won't be going to the American Girl store until later today, but for now, I decided to go through all of the product pages and descriptions for Isabel and Nicki's items to find out some fun facts about them!

-Isabel loves dancing, pop music, glitter and all things pink

-Isabel prefers pink and preppy fashions, even when they make her stand out from the crowd

-Nicki loves alternative rock music, skateboarding and making zines (homemade magazines).

-Isabel and Nicki are allowed by their parents to pick out pets from an animal shelter as a gift for the first night of Hanukkah

-Isabel is interested in fashion and following trends

-Isabel and Nicki's parents have different religions, so the twins celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah. This makes them the first American Girl dolls to come from an interfaith household, which one in five Americans were raised in.

-Nicki's favorite color is purple

-Nicki loves music

-Isabel surprises Nicki with a bedroom redesign that incorporates their two styles after she redecorates the entire room in pink

-Isabel and Nicki get 30 minutes of Internet time a day

-Isabel likes playing computer games and talking to her friend Kat

-Nicki likes to browse fan sites for her favorite bands and pro skateboarders

-Both twins like to visit the American Girl website

-At first, Isabel tries tennis just to prove that she’s coordinated—but she quickly comes to love it.

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