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American Girl Isabel and Nicki Hoffman Storyline

You really thought I'd miss covering an American Girl release, huh? I tried to speed through all my schoolwork during the first hour of school so I'd be done in time to cover Isabel and Nicki's release, and I DID IT!

First off, here is the twins's storyline:

"American Girl’s newest historical duo, Isabel and Nicki Hoffman, are our first-ever twin characters, and they’re growing up in the 1990s in Seattle, Washington. Isabel is bubbly, extroverted, and very into pop music. Nicki is thoughtful, introverted, and passionate about skateboarding. Throughout their stories, each twin learns more about who she is as an individual, with Nicki beginning to express herself with zines (homemade magazines) and song lyrics, and Isabel focusing her passion for party planning and interior decorating. As Nicki and Isabel thrive individually, they also have to learn how to get along and support one another, culminating in a very twin-tastic response to celebrating the millennium."

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