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American Girl Items on Zulily

Some American Girl overstock items have appeared on Zulily! Here are the items:

  • Nanea, Melody, Maryellen, Caroline and Kirsten Mini Dolls

  • Truly Me Outfit

  • WellieWishers Sleepover Set

  • WellieWishers Set the Stage Accessory Set

  • WellieWishers Carnival Stand Accessory Set

  • WellieWishers Butterfly Doll Carrier

  • Joss's Cheer Team Jacket

  • Pawsitively Purrfect Accessories

  • Team USA Gymnastics Set

  • Stay Pawsitive Raglan Dress

  • Team USA Soccer Set

  • Team USA Snowboarding Set

  • Team USA Stars and Stripes Heart Tee for Doll and Girl

  • Joss's Wetsuit

  • Team USA Medal Ceremony Set

  • Purrfect Leggings

  • Team USA Alpine Skiing Set

  • Team USA Figure Skating Set

  • Snow Leopard Hoodie Set

  • S'mores Fun Camping Set

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Mar 18, 2022

neat! :D

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