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American Girl Joss Kendrick Clue #4!

We're so close to Joss, guys! Today, the Clements Twins, who are actresses and models, unveiled a sea lion for Joss's collection.

This is pretty interesting! There wasn't a sea lion in Joss's books.

Fun fact about Joss: she and her dog like to visit a 'dog beach', which is a real place in Huntington Beach, California!

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got bored in math so i decided to look at josses hint even though ik what she looks like and read her books and also who are the clement twins? ive never heard of them


Wonder if a sea lion will turn up later, as another comment suggested. The plush lion the twins showed was indeed adorable!! Maybe Joss will have more than one pet,as did Blaire.


Dec 29, 2019

Maybe she will have a third book where there are sea lions in it.

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