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American Girl Live In Concert Tour

American Girl just announced that they're having another live tour! This time around, it's the American Girl Live in Concert experience, an all new pop concert featuring beloved characters, including Claudie, Nicki, Courtney, Melody and Julie. In the show, audiences will follow an original story where American Girl characters throughout the decades—including Claudie from the 1920s; Melody from the ’60s; Julie from the ’70s; Courtney from the ’80s; and Nicki from the late ’90s—come together to find confidence and kindness

The show is produced by Gershwin Entertainment, that produces shows like A Charlie Brown Christmas Live and Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer. Dates and venues will be announced soon, but the show will take place in these cities:

-Concord, NH

-Boston, MA

-Wallingford, CT

-Stamford, CT

-New York, NY

-York, PA

-Washington DC

-Glenside, PA

-Wilkes-Barre, PA

-Morristown, NJ

-Red Bank, NJ

-Patchogue, NY

-Schenectady, NY

-Hagerstown, MD

-Staten Island, NY

-Atlanta, GA

-Charlotte, NC

-Detroit, MI

-Troy, OH

-Greensburg, PA

-Indianapolis, IN

-Wabash, IN

-Chicago, IL

-Fayetteville, AR

Tickets will go on sale June 14 for AG Rewards members and June 16 for regular customers.

Do you plan on attending? I hope I can attend, but I'll have to see what date the Charlotte show is to see if I can come home for a weekend for the show.

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21 comentarios

Is Nicki but not Isabel featuring?

Me gusta

I'm kind of surprised it includes Julie. Some people say she's been here for too long (14 years--or was it 16?) and needs to retire. But apparently she's successful! I don't mind--her "Oogie Boogie" song in the last tour at first seemed goofy and maybe was but also came across as super fun. The actress nailed it, so I hope whoever plays her this time has the voice and acting of the last actress.

Me gusta

13 jun 2023

Excited that there will be shows in the SouthEast! Hoping we can get tickets!! Either Charlotte and/or Atlanta!

Me gusta

AG By The Bay
AG By The Bay
10 jun 2023

Why is there none in California??? California is so big so I hope they realse more dates with spots in california!

Me gusta

Three of the top 10 largest cities in the country are in TX and yet nowhere in the entire state gets a show. That's messed up.

Me gusta
09 jun 2023
Contestando a

Maybe they'll announce some dates soon??? There *has* to be one in at least Houston or Dallas.

Last time they did the tour (American Girl Live), they didn't announce a Chicago location until two-ish months until it got a date there.

Me gusta
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