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American Girl Loveshack Fancy Collection SOLD OUT IN 30 HOURS? (UPDATE)

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

UPDATE: Kim emailed AG. It's a technical glitch. Don't panic, the outfits are still in stock!

AGDN reader Kim told me that she noticed the Loveshack Fancy Collection was gone (except for the Bitty Baby outfit) on American Girl's website. I looked, and sure enough, it was!

The outfits were released yesterday at 10 am my time. It was a little before 6 when Kim emailed me, so that means that if they sold out around 4-5 pm today, they were only available for roughly 30 HOURS before they sold out.

For comparison, American Girl's 25th-anniversary cruise in 2011 sold out in 72 hours.

The LoveShack Fancy collection sold out quicker than a literal CRUISE with American Girl authors and a free doll (not to mention the name reveal of the next Girl of the Year, McKenna).

All I can say is... wow. This went fast.

I'm glad I picked up an outfit at the store last night.

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