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American Girl Loveshack Fancy Outfits

The American Girl Loveshack Fancy release is tomorrow at 10 am Eastern time! A guide to each outfit was just posted:

  • Floral Flutter Day Dress- $24

  • Bitty Baby Garden Party Dress- $44

  • Doll Fancy Flutter Top- $18

  • Doll Rosy Ruffles Billie Skirt- $30

  • Doll Garden Party Peplum Top- $16

  • Doll Garden Party Cardigan- $18

  • Doll Fancy Flutter Skirt- $20

  • Garden Party Sandals- $16

  • Doll Garden Party Accessories Pack- $18

  • Doll Rosy Toes Shoes- $16

Loveshack Fancy also said that 10% of each item will go to Save The Children, a children's humanitarian aid organization.

Ouch. These prices hurt. But if a bit of it goes to charity, it makes me feel a bit better.

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