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American Girl May Monthly Sale (Corinne, Kira, Truly Me and Courtney)

American Girl's monthly specials this month include these items:

  • Kira's Adopt Don't Shop Outfit

  • The entire Loveshack Fancy line

  • All of Corinne, Gwynn and Kira's outfits

  • Star Bright Tee

  • So Many Shoes Storage Tower

  • Courtney's T Shirt and Tank Set

  • Courtney's Care Bears Pajamas and Sleeping Bag

  • Courtney's first mix and match line from her debut in September 2020

  • WellieWishers Colorful ABCs Outfit

  • Salon Chair and Wrap Set

A lot of these items are recent items. I have a lot to say about this after reading your comments from the post about sales dropping and deliriously watching some of American Girl's official YouTube videos at 4 in the morning this morning, but I'll post about that later. I have my written driving test today, so once I'm done, I'll post my thoughts! Here's a hint: American Girl needs to listen to their fans.

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