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American Girl Miami 20% Off Closing Sale

American Girl fans who live in Miami can visit the AG Store in Miami one last time until it closes on September 5th to get 20% off storewide. This sale does include American Girl's iconic 18 inch dolls!

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8 comentários

17 de ago. de 2022

this post makes me wonder if one day AG will close Houston since we have Dallas, when I went there Sunday things were slow, the quality wasn't there in the food, drinks or even the goody bags, it wasn't as nice as previous experiences which makes me wonder if they aren't investing as much right now, time will tell when their lease is up there. 20% is a rather low discount though lol considering it matches last weekend's sale.

Respondendo a

I was so surprised they didn't close it; I have been trying to prepare myself but just couldn't. I agree some things have declined but I almost feel like some of that is corporate-directed. In any case, yes, Texas is big enough for both!

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