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American Girl New Contemporary Line Trademarks!

I checked Justia, the American Girl trademark site, for the first time in a while and got greeted with the names of not one, not two, but FIVE new dolls! Since this is a diverse line, I will look at where each name comes from and talk about that culture's history with AG representation.

Since there's five names and AG likes to have five dolls in a line, I don't believe Corinne will be apart of this line. Maybe she'll be a new historical...

Now, it's onto the new names!

The first new name is Maritza. It is of Spanish origin and is particularly used in Latin America. It seems that Maritza will be a Latina character from this information. She will be the third modern one, after Marisol and Luciana, and the fourth overall, after Josefina.

The second new name is Bryant. It is an English name and actually is masculine. Bryant could be the second boy doll after Logan, it seems like. Unless AG uses it for a girl. This is possible, considering it has been gaining in popularity for the past few years as a girl's name. For now, Bryant is the doll shrouded in the most mystery. Who knows, maybe they're British... that would be the second time that happened, after Elizabeth.

The third new name is Makena, which is really similar to McKenna. It's even pronounced the same. Makena is an Eastern African name, so it seems that she'd be the lead Black character American Girl was talking about. She'd join Gabriela as the second Black modern doll, and the fifth Black doll overall after Addy, Cecile and Melody.

The fourth new name is Fahari. Fahari is a Swahili name, which is primarily spoken in East Africa. It is also used in Muslim communities, so Fahari might be the first Muslim doll American Girl ever made.

The last new name is Aracely. It is another Spanish name, so it seems like she will be another Latina doll, like Maritza. She will be the fourth modern one, after Maritza, Marisol and Luciana, and the fourth overall, after Josefina.

I'm so excited to add Maritza, Bryant, Makena, Fahari and Aracely to my collection in the fall of 2021! How about you?

P.S: Happy Halloween if you celebrate! I'm dressing up as Courtney!

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