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American Girl New Mix and Match Items Spring 2020!

The Spring 2020 Mix and Match collection is now in AG stores! I went to the store today and took some photos.

The tank is called the Freshly Picked Tank and costs $10.

The skirt is called the Market Day Skirt and also costs $10.

The shoes are called the Colorful Stripes Shoes and are also $10.

The Market Hat costs $12.

The middle outfit:

Style In Bloom Jean Jacket- $??

Berry Fresh Tee- $?? Strawberry Shorts- $??

The outfit on the right:

Fresh Lemons Market Outfit- $?? (there's a girls option as well)

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I love the Strawberry shorts. They remind me so much of Maryellen's Strawberry dress, which I also own. The Berry Fresh Tee is very summer-like.


Dec 28, 2019

I saw these in store yesterday too! I remember that the Style in Bloom Jean Jacket was $15, and I'm pretty sure that the Berry Fresh tee and the Strawberry Shorts were $10. I was considering buying the Style in Bloom Jacket yesterday, but I decided to buy Truly Me 49 instead. Since I love that jacket so much, I plan on getting it next time I go. (PS: my mom thinks AG is very expensive, and she said that my jean jacket and hers both cost $15, so it hurts her to buy a doll jacket of the same price 😂)

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