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American Girl New Release Potential Dates

As January draws to a close, dates are starting to circulate surrounding the next American Girl release, including the highly-anticipated new Truly Me dolls. There are several options American Girl would probably go with: I've heard February 1st on the comments section here, but February 6th or 8th would also be possible. Either way, usually when American Girl releases items, they put the items out on the Sunday before they release, so if there's new items at the store tomorrow, then they'll come out the 1st!

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Unknown member
Jan 27

I just want to say that I checked the American Girl website right now, and I noticed both Molly and Kit’s clothes and some of their other items are at a greatly reduced price! Don’t know how long this sale will last, just wanted to let everyone know!

Replying to

Me too. I want those new items of American Girl Truly Me added it in the website.


Unknown member
Jan 27

Thanks so much for keeping us updated!!


Like, 28th january?

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