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American Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey Story Theory (GOTY 2021)

Welcome back to AGDN! As I said yesterday, I was rereading my old Kira post from July and came up with some brand-new Kira theories. Here is my second theory, which has to do with her story!

In July, I theorized that due to the possible Kanani and Saige influence Kira might bring to the table, as Girl of the Years are often influenced by past dolls from the past eight to twelve years, Kira might have an interest in animals. But during my theorization session last night, I came up with a bigger topic American Girl might cover next year- climate change.

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, you know about the climate change movement going on right now. Usually, American Girl starts planning Girls of the Year two to three years in advance. 2018 and 2019 were the years the climate change movement became a big deal, largely in part due to young girls across the globe and social media. While it has been less in the news due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the movement is still going on, and companies have made efforts to be more sustainable. So how does this all tie with American Girl?

The first base of my theory is the dolls that AG might take inspiration from- Kanani and Saige. As Joss had similar interests to Chrissa and McKenna, Blaire's story was set in a similar place to Nicki's, and Luciana and Lanie had similar aspirations (as well as other parallels I noted in July), I thought Kira might have some Kanani and Saige vibes due to them being the only dolls within the eight-to-twelve years from 2021 range that American Girl hasn't drawn inspiration from yet. Kanani was interested in saving monk seals, Saige liked riding horses and also wanted to save her school's art program. Both of these dolls dealt with animals and activism, which seem to be two themes that will come in Kira's stories.

The second base is the informative books AG is releasing in February. These aren't Smart Girl's Guide Books, and American Girl did release Doll STEM near Luciana's release. The books are about pets and climate change, and it would make sense if Kira's stories had themes surrounding those topics.

The third base is the author of Kira's books, Erin Teagan. You might know Erin from Luciana's series, but Erin worked in biochemistry labs for ten years, and all of her books thus far have a sciencey-aspect. Climate change is very science-based, as well as nature and pets, so it seems like Erin Teagan's involvement in this series is another sign of this theory.

What do you think? This seems interesting to me, as I enjoy when contemporary AG dolls deal with real-world issues.

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