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American Girl of the Year 2021 Kira Bailey Whole World!

Today's the day, everyone! Kira Bailey, the Girl of the Year for 2021, is here! Here's her full collection:

All Kira has ever wanted is to take care of animals, and at her aunts' wilderness park in Australia, they need all the help they can get! But it's not all cuddles with cute joeys. Kira must rise to the challenge and deal with raging predators and bushfires throughout her story. The Kira doll costs $110 and comes with her first book, Kira Down Under.

Kira's Accessories contain a hat, a koala keychain, a backpack, postcards, and photos. They cost $30.

Kira's Outdoor Accessories contain a jacket, scarf, and sunglasses. They cost $30.

Kira's Animal Exam Table costs $125.

Kira's Comfy Platform Tent costs $225.

Kira's Koala costs $25.

Kira's Comfy Camping Accessories cost $85.

Kira's Comfy Camping Outfit costs $32.

Kira's Kangaroo and Joey costs $30.

Kira's Wildlife Rescue Set costs $50.

Kira's Casual Outfit costs $36.

Kira's Koala PJs cost $24.

What is your favorite item from Kira's collection?

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