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American Girl of the Year 2022 Twin Theory... Could It Be Possible?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

Those of you who were hoping for twins or siblings for Girl of the Year 2022, prepare to be majorly LET DOWN. And then get some hope back in.

The Girl of the Year 2022 books were just put in some categories, and one of them was "Children's New Baby Books". With this context in mind, and knowing that American Girl likes to trademark things that aren't dolls, such as Joss's dog Murph, it could be possible that Corinne or Gwynn is just the name of the new baby and we aren't getting twins after all.

But wait! There's still hope!

Another category was "Children's Siblings Books". The siblings could be referring to the new baby, but they can also be referring to twins or siblings that are the same age- both 9 or 10 or somewhere around there.

The last category that the books were put in is "Children's Dog Books". The majority of the Girl of the Year dolls have dogs, but apparently this dog will be important to the story.

What do you think of this? Are we getting twins, or is it just a new baby?

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