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American Girl Podcast Network Launches

American Girl announced today that they are starting a series of podcasts! The first one just launched today, and the second and third series will start this summer.

The first series will be a 10 Minute Mysteries series featuring the Molly mystery A Light In The Cellar. The story will be narrated by actress Maggie Lawson.

The second series, and the one I'm the most excited for, is the American Girl Fan Club podcast, which will start on July 13. It is hosted by AGIGers Kristen Washington (ag4allages) and Sydney Rose Paulsen (5hensandacockatiel). Together, they will provide special sneak peeks about exciting content in the world of American Girl.

The third series is a Smart Girl's Guide inspired series, The Smart Girl's Podcast. Hosted by young actress Shay Rudolph from Netflix's The Babysitters Club and cultural expert Jess Weiner, the series will be "full of thoughtful conversations aimed at helping tweens navigate their emotions, friendships, mental health, and more." The first episode will release August 17.

During the pandemic, podcasts became more popular, especially in American Girl's target audience of 6 to 12 year olds. In the words of Jamie Cygielman, American Girl's president, "As the familiarity and the popularity of podcasts continues to grow, we believe this is the perfect time to launch a network where we can bring more short fiction podcasts to life, along with other non-scripted, educational and informational podcasts for our listeners.”

This is interesting! What do you guys think?

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