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American Girl Rewards 4th of July Weekend Sale

AG Rewards members are being treated to a "star-spangled party" for the 4th of July weekend from July 1 to July 4. In addition to 4x the points, members get 20% off one purchase. Any item with the exceptions of the Arcade, Hotel and Spa, Camper, WellieWishers Tree House, Create Your Own dolls, and items in the Last Chance sale are included- yes, this means you can get a doll for 20% off. There is no purchase minimum, but the maximum discount is $60, which you'd get after spending $300.

What are you doing for the holiday weekend? I am essentially spending it at the movies. Tomorrow, I'm watching the first Hunger Games movie with my followers on TikTok (@rebellemovie if you want to join in, but be mindful that the screening is 13+ since the movie is rated PG-13), and then I'm seeing Jurassic World on Sunday night and rewatching one of my new favorite movies, Top Gun: Maverick, on the 4th of July while the rest of the country blows up fireworks. I hate fireworks and dread this weekend every year, but filling it with movies is making it easier for me! I'm also hanging out with my dolls, of course :)

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